9 July, 2019

Virginia: Charlottesville Removes Holiday Honoring Thomas Jefferson, Replaces it With “Freedom for Negro Slaves” Day

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Freedom for negro slaves: now there’s something to “celebrate”! Now the Blacks go around robbing and murdering White people. Great idea, ending slavery! What other great ideas are in store for us? Dental work without Novocain? Maybe we should allow Blacks to vote…oh, wait a second…

Did negro slaves do more than Thomas Jefferson to create and maintain America? Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, among other things. Which of America’s key founding documents did negroes write? Any of them? Nope. Then why are we honoring negro slave freedom over honoring Jefferson? When are White people going to say “no” to this endless, anti-White cultural destruction? By the way, the “Sally Hemings/Thomas Jefferson story” is all bullshit. [Article].

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  7. One Response to “Virginia: Charlottesville Removes Holiday Honoring Thomas Jefferson, Replaces it With “Freedom for Negro Slaves” Day”

    1. Sturzkampfflugzeug 87 Says:

      The glorious New America is forming. Old America must be erased so the replacements don’t get the bad feelz.
      The local radio was making fun of the $4.5 billion approved for the poor downtrodden future lifetime democrat voters by saying why don’t we just give them a free house.
      Laugh about it now because it won’t be so funny when it is mandatory.

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