5 July, 2019

Why Are There So Many “Holocaust Survivors”?

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It’s great being a Holocaust survivor. Why? Because you’re not just a person. No. You’re a god. You’re holy. You can walk on water, like Jesus!

Why are there 530 million “Holocaust survivors” today? And why does that number keep growing? Because the Jews — eager to “milk” the Holocaust for every dime they, and their ancestors, can get — define “Holocaust survivor” very, very broadly. Almost anyone can be a Holocaust survivor. For example, if you lived in Spain during WWII, you’re officially a Holocaust survivor, even though the Spanish leader, Francisco Franco, was not a Nazi. Franco was, however, friendly with Hitler. That alone makes you a Holocaust survivor. Ditto if you lived in Italy or even Norway. If you lived under the regime of a “Nazi collaborator” — such as that of Norway’s leader Quisling — you’re a Holocaust survivor. That’s right. Even if you never saw the inside of a fascist jail cell, and even if you fled Europe before being turned into a lampshade, you are still a Holocaust survivor and therefore one superior human being! But wait, it gets better: there are now “2nd generation Holocaust survivors” and yes, even “3rd generation Holocaust survivors,” most of whom never even lived in Europe but suffered because, well, just because they did. Don’t ask any questions, you anti-Semite.


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    1. Luke Says:

      In a late breaking report, the EMT team who arrived at the scene to recover her dead body were in the process of stuffing her into a body bag and take her to the morgue, when, without any prior warning, silver dollars began to explode out of her rectum in such massive quantities that the EMT driver was forced to notify a local synagogue, who sent a team of jewish rabbis to the scene in a helicopter and they rushed over to the corpse of Kor with huge canvas money bags and began to scoop up the ‘silver booty’.

      Witnesses who were on the scene told TV reporters that the whole bizarre spectacle reminded them of a trip they once taken to a casino in Las Vegas where they saw some Middle Eastern looking guy with a prodigious hooked nose strike it rich on a 100,000 dollar jack pot payout on a slot machine.

      One truly disgusting neo-nazi witness to this sad passing wondered if those silver dollars were connected to the over $70 billion dollars the Shit Hole Nation of Shits-a-Lie have bled out of Germany since the end of WW2, based on their fake tale of what Steven Spielberg claims happened to the jooz in Germany.

      Updates at 11pm.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Very soon now the whole nation of Israel will declare that the Torah always taught reincarnation.

      So . . . the people now being (re)born, could possibly be suffering from past-life holocaust memories, for which they deserve compensation. Over and over again, each time they are (re)born.

      I am sure that you have to be born Jewish now in order to have been Jewish in a previous life.

      The very same Israeli psychological corporation that designed the test that showed the superior intelligence of Ashkenazis over the entire world has designed a new psychological test to show if a Jewish person lived through the holocaust in a previous life.

    3. A Wyatt Man Says:

      It’s easy to survive a labor camp.