24 August, 2019

A Major Jewish Radical Has Died

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Paul Krassner, a major 1960s counterculture figure, has died. I just learned of this — must have missed the TV news that day. Krassner was a bigshot in the hippie/counterculture movement, which nearly destroyed America. Krassner was a key man involved in the instigation of the rioting at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Most of the counterculture leaders (keyword) were Jews. Most of the infamous slogans used by the counterculture also came from Jews, e.g., “Make Love, Not War” (coined by early radical Gershon Legman; that’s a good slogan, by the way, we should all practice it).


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    1. J Says:

      “His father, Michael, was a Hungarian American printer; his mother, Ida, a Russian-born legal secretary.”

      Never a mention of that most-important point…
      The parents of the nation wrecker and culture destroyer were neither “Hungarian” nor “Russian”. They were jews. That’s all you need to know.