29 August, 2019

Business Leader Tells the Truth About Mexican Hand Size, SJWs Yell Loudly

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“Uh-oh, some humans are different from other humans. That can’t be! This man must be publicly shamed!”


(This 2015 study shows that Hispanics do, in fact, have slightly smaller hands than Whites: “Firefighter Hand Anthropometry and Structural Glove Sizing: A New Perspective”; the study also shows that Blacks have longer hands and fingers than Whites or Mexicans.

Re: the tables in the study: n = number of people; M = mean (i.e., the average); SD = standard deviation.

Quotes from the study:

“This study reports significant differences in means of firefighter hand dimensions by gender, race/ethnicity, and age groups.”

“Firefighter hand dimensions are different among gender, race/ethnicity, and age groups; their hand size and shape also are different from those of military personnel.”)

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  7. 2 Responses to “Business Leader Tells the Truth About Mexican Hand Size, SJWs Yell Loudly”

    1. Luke Says:

      This reminds me of the Bubble Boy with a permanent coat of vaseline petroleum jelly shoved up his ass, Marco Rubio – when he tried to shovel a load of jewish shit on the TrumpenPussy where he made fun of the fact that the TrumpenPussy has very small hands. Alluding to the fact that guys with small hands are almost always cursed with pathetically tiny dicks.

      But, in the case of the TrumpenPussy – Ivanka likes her daddy’s pitiful fucking dick enough to fellate it, every time he is faced with some choice on an issue that involves stabbing his base in the back on the Second Amendment, or caving on a budget bill that refuses his funding for the Wall he promised to build, or opening his dumb as fuck mouth WIDE and swallowing every jewish Mossad engineered false flag event and then pissing away 5 or 10 million of our tax dollars firing cruise missiles into whatever nation that Israel has a hard on for and demands that we attack and try to destroy for them.

    2. Yahtzee Party Says:

      So sick of hearing about subhuman mongrel genetic misfire races especially bean dip Latrinos and Mexcrements.
      They have to pump themselves up while Whitey just has to look out the window at all his ancestors created.