23 August, 2019

Canada: Human-Blights Laws are Oppressing Normal People, Again

Posted by Socrates in 'human rights', Canada, Cultural Marxism, egalitarianism, equality, equalocracy, human blights, human equality, jewed law, Jewish behavior versus White behavior, Jewish genetics, René Cassin, Socrates, UN at 10:25 am | Permanent Link

And to think, no one even knows what a “human right” is! Ask 100 people on the street to define “human rights” and they’ll stammer, “well, uhmmm, they’re…let’s see…they rights that, uhhhh…hmmmm…” Yeah. No one knows what they are because there’s no such thing as “human rights” unless you’re a radical Jew named Cassin who wants to stick it to Whitey.

Anyway, if you’re a human blight (e.g., you’re Black, Brown, queer, have three arms, etc.), then you can spend your life hiding behind human-blights laws. But if you’re a normal person, you have to face the world without special, Marxist laws to help you.


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