11 August, 2019

For Newbies: An Example of Jews Posing as White People

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(Above: Victor Borge: not a “Dane” but a Jew)

Based upon several genuine studies, it is apparent that one of the key traits of White people is honesty [1]. They are usually truthful to a fault. Not so the Jews — they are just the opposite. The Jews are The People of the Lie. They live by lying and faking.

The “musical comedian” Victor Borge (1909-2000; real name: Borge Rosenbaum) was funny enough, I suppose. But that’s not the issue here.

Borge was billed as “The Great Dane,” implying that he was Danish — in other words, implying that he was White European.

But Borge wasn’t European. He wasn’t Danish. He may have lived in Denmark, but that doesn’t make someone Danish. Borge was a Jew who happened to be born in Denmark. He wasn’t White. Yet, he spent his life posing as “White.” (Jews are, genetically speaking, “near Eastern” and are similar to Arabs and Armenids).

Jews have had amazing success posing as White people.

Jews are the People of Lying. They live their lives posing and deceiving.


[1] “A country‚Äôs average honesty correlates with the proportion of its population that is Protestant” (you can translate “Protestant” to mean “White” in almost all cases, i.e., he’s talking about White countries, not African or “Latino” countries); study titled “Honesty and beliefs about honesty in 15 countries” by David Hugh-Jones, October 2015

  • 10 Responses to “For Newbies: An Example of Jews Posing as White People”

    1. Adolf Satan Says:

      The Bolsheviks think that they have it all wrapped up. Why did the movie where lumpen marshmallow soft useless idiot commie wannabe lefty mongtards hunt down the “deplorables” in flyoverstan get pulled?
      That must have been a satire because the plot is reversed.
      Bolshevik fairytales sound great in the casting couch lounge after a few bong hits but reality and Mother Nature say not this time Hymie.

    2. Luke Says:

      Tony Curtis was another Hollywood actor who was packaged and presented to the American movie viewing public as a good looking White guy.

      As a kid, I used to like watching movies where Tony Curtis was the star. Houdini was one of my favorite Tony Curtis movies. I also liked Some Like It Hot, but will admit that Marilyn Monroe was the main thing that drew me to that movie. I have NEVER liked Jack Lemmon, not even in Mr. Roberts, which was an otherwise great movie.

      Once I became jew wise, and started my education process on Hollywood actors and actresses who were jews posing as Whites – the dots began to fall into place nice and neat and whenever I happen to watch any of those old movies that I liked when I first saw them – I now see the jewing that was going on that I couldn’t see before I had graduated from the Dr. William L. Pierce school of gentile survival.

    3. Socrates Says:

      It’s my understanding that Hollywood Jews totally fucked Marilyn Monroe over. They introduced her to sleazy things (drugs, sexual depravity, crazy and odd habits, etc.). They ruined her.

    4. BroncoColorado Says:

      Back in the days of steam-powered television Victor Borge always popped out of the woodwork to do a Christmas show, ‘happy holidays’ and all that. Well, my folks seemed to think he was funny, but I being a future deplorable unrepentant WN failed to see any humor in his musical act, in fact it was crap!

    5. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      They were so successful posing as Whites that they are now posing as women, and demanding that we wax their testicles!

    6. Joel Says:


      Why have Jews always had such high voices



      Contains flavor from all fruits, all melted down, very sweet, bad for your health!

    7. Wes Says:

      If it’s in Hollywood, it’s Jewish.
      That’s a bet you will win most of the time.

    8. Joel Says:

      When ever a woman has sex with a Jew, they consider it part of winning, and will brag to other jews about “the swindle.” (Even though that’s the language they do not usually use)

      All that the jews care about is “the winning.” – Language they always use.

    9. Joel Says:

      *sex with a woman

    10. Joel Says:

      If jews are White, they are still a separate White race. But they are Arab, the question is, are Arabs, White.