9 August, 2019

Like 8-Year-Olds, Liberals Specialize in Name-Calling

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Liberal #1: “Okay, we have two strategy options for winning the 2020 election. Option 1: we tell the American people the truth: that we’re going to raise their taxes 3,000 percent in order to pay for health care for illegal alie…oops, I mean, undocumented workers. Option 2: we call Donald Trump a ‘racist Nazi hatemonger’ as many times as humanly possible.”

Liberal #2: “Don’t we have any other options?”

Liberal #1: “Nope. That’s all we have. We’re liberals, remember? We don’t have many weapons in the armory. Taxing, name-calling, banning things, that’s about it.”

Liberal #3: “Uhhh, I vote for Option 2.”

Liberal #4: “Yeah, let’s go with Option 2.”


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  7. One Response to “Like 8-Year-Olds, Liberals Specialize in Name-Calling”

    1. Thom McQueen Says:

      All Left libs are a bunch of bush oysters and brown mullets.
      A bush oyster is snot blown on a bush , a brown mullet is a turd floating in a swimming pool.

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