26 August, 2019

Oh, That’s Why

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Gee, I was wondering why, for the past 2 years, I have seen so many, many TV commercials featuring mixed-race couples.

From Wikipedia:

“In 1998, it (American Association of Advertising Agencies, or AAAA) opened up its membership to marketing communications companies in addition to advertising agencies. Ad industry changes meant that agencies were no longer just creating ads but also engaging in public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion, and corporate branding. Furthermore, in 2009, it rebranded as the 4A’s, to retire the words “American” (advertising is an international affair) and “Advertising Agencies” (as member firms offer a wide array of services).”

“It has a Benefits division that provides insurance for more than 160,000 of its member agencies’ employees.[1] Its DC office, which opened in 1969, “monitors federal and state government activity and works to protect agencies and the advertising industry against burdensome legislation and taxation”.[2] It also organizes a number of conferences and events, including the Transformation Conference[4] and issues annual awards for the best agencies in different categories.[5]

Marla Kaplowitz has served as AAAA’s President and CEO since May 2017.”

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