18 August, 2019

Pennsylvania: Increasing the Sex-Insanity, or, Abnormal is the New Normal

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“Gender-neutral” drivers licenses make no sense — unless you are pushing a strange, left-wing political agenda and trying to make all humans “equal” to the next one, no matter how freaky they might be.

I own a biology book. There’s no such thing as “X” sex/gender. I looked [1]. There are only two sexes or “genders”: male and female. Were you born with a dick? Then you’re a guy. Born with a vag? You’re a woman. It’s surprisingly simple, unless you’re mentally ill (and most liberals and SJWs are mentally ill. They seem to be lacking the “logic gene”).

“Three years ago, no one in the U.S. was legally recognized as neither male or female. Today, seven states and Washington D.C. allow people to change their gender without a doctor’s signature, and 13 states have a policy in place allowing drivers to obtain a gender-neutral marker on their driver’s licenses and identification cards.”



[1] until very recently, “gender” did not apply to humans. It only applied to grammar, e.g., words such as “he” or “she” or “him.” But today, the word “gender” has been hijacked by the Left to mean “sex”

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