4 August, 2019

The El Paso/Dayton Mass Shootings Bring Calls for the Banning of Steel Objects (Which Apparently Cause Crime)

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Liberal snowflake: “If only we could ban guns, we could stop violence in America! We could all live in peace!”

Liberal: “That sounds nice, but what about knives, ice picks, axes, machetes, hammers, pipes, tire irons, chains, clubs, bricks, rocks, rapists, street gangs, and the mafia? How could we ban those things?”

Liberal snowflake: “(*sob*) I hate you!”


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  7. One Response to “The El Paso/Dayton Mass Shootings Bring Calls for the Banning of Steel Objects (Which Apparently Cause Crime)”

    1. Luke Says:

      Expect the Trump weasel to do exactly what this gutless rat has been doing ever since he stepped foot into the White House.

      Ivanka will bat her eyelashes at Daddy, and give his crotch a squeeze or two, and the Orange Cuck Master will cave in to Feinstein and Schumer and announce he wants to ban ownership of whatever makes and models of firearms that Feinstein and Schumer include on their anti-White, White genocide craving wish list.

      This is going to really piss off his 2016 base of supporters, just in time for the 2020 elections.

      Every time some crazy nut (usually a leftist nut) goes out and commits a mass shooting, all these treasonous politicians can talk about is how they want to take away the lawfully owned firearms of law abiding citizens who had nothing whatsoever to do with the evil deed.

      Criminals, and their behavior, is now the determining factor on what rights and liberties law abiding non-Criminals are to be permitted to enjoy?