11 August, 2019

The Queer Caliphate

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“Queer Theory has infested all of our public and private institutions. Corporations, social media, churches, schools, colleges, libraries, city governments, and the corporate media have all partaken of the queer Kool-aide. With cult-like devotion, they spread the insanity that gender is just an idea and a feeling rather than a biological fact. Queer theory is a complete rejection of biological sex, traditional couplings, and western civilization as we know it. It rejects hetero-normative couplings and embraces all forms of sexually depraved fetishes including pedophilia, bestiality, sado-masochism, and incest as legitimate and perfectly acceptable.” [1].



[1] caliphate = a government under a caliph (leader). Or, a political/cultural beachhead established before the rest of the troops arrive

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    1. Sicman Fart Says:

      Oy vei!

      No peach was too sour, starting with flower power!

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