4 September, 2019


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Seen: a photo of the American flag and the California state flag together.

Is California even part of America anymore? I think California is part of Cuba now. California should change its state slogan from “Eureka” to “Viva Fidel Castro!” Or even better, “Viva Castrofornia!”

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  7. 2 Responses to “Castrofornia”

    1. Heinrich Himmelfarben Says:

      One day the world will be a better place…and Kwanifornia will be in the Pacific.
      Subhuman commie rat pieces of sh1t always get what they deserve on the road to their Marxist utopia.
      When all the productive citizens leave the wards of the state can fight over whatever scraps mommygov will throw to the floor for her useless pets.

    2. Joel Says:

      A Zionist Occupied Government? It is a Rothschild (and Zionist) Occupied Government.



      They should hang themselves by lamp posts (without any assistance of course)

      The question is what will the Mexicans do with them once they gain the Super Majority, since we are on the topic (even though they live in England).