1 September, 2019

For Labor Day, Let’s Sing a Negro Spiritual Together!

Posted by Socrates in "civil rights", black culture, communism, Marxism, Socrates at 2:16 pm | Permanent Link

Yes, hold hands with a street-gang member, an illegal alien, a homosexual and a bum to sing the 1920s song “Kum ba yah” or “Kumbayah”! The communist Pete Seeger, and other fellow travelers, popularized the song in the 1960s and it became a counterculture anthem of sorts. Power to the people! (Credit to Baez: she’s got a great voice).


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  7. 3 Responses to “For Labor Day, Let’s Sing a Negro Spiritual Together!”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Of course those who cannot achieve anything want to sing Kumbayah.

      “Come by here” and gives me whats I want!

      In other words, those who can will give to those who cannot. And what do we get in return? I don’t know. Some kind of smug, sappy feeling, I suppose.

    2. Skid Marx Says:

      The glorious people’s collective comrade. All are equal and the same.
      The golden man made utopian paradise. Yes we can!
      Now get to work so no free and equal comrades have to go through job lock.
      Pay those taxes so bums can vote democrat for life in the land of milk and honey. Forward!

    3. Joel Says:

      Hot wing, chitling, watermelon, bumble bee

      B-L-A-C, we ain’t dumb as you think we iz!

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