24 September, 2019

For Newbies: Human Equality: the Deadliest Idea in History, But It’s Been Pushed Daily Since 1945

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“The belief in human equality” = the denial of race, creed, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, IQ, national origin, religion, height, weight, strength, life habits and ability to navigate through life without help from the government. Under “human equality,” none of that exists. Strangely, that’s also the definition of “the belief in communism.” You know: Universal man. One-size-fits-all. Human robots. Worker bees. Slaves.

News headline, 9/24/19: “Megan Rapinoe gives passionate speech on racism and inequality after winning top FIFA award” [1].

Well, golly gee. But I say: consider this:

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Byelorussia, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Nicaragua, Poland, Romania, the Soviet Union, Tajikistan, Turkmenia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yugoslavia. In the 20th century, 100 million innocent citizens were murdered in those countries in an attempt to make them all “equal” to each other [2]. Yes, they’re all equal now. They’re all equally dead. Murdered by communism/Marxism. Yet, people still talk of human equality as The Wonderful Goal That Mankind Must Achieve At Any Cost! Well, those people should be jailed, yes, jailed for such dangerous talk. (Since 1945 — after the destruction of Hitler’s Germany — human equality has been the new religion of the Western world; it’s pushed by the schools, by the media, by the government, by nearly everyone who is in a position of authority).

Humans, being biological entities, can never, ever be equal. Only machines can be equal.


[1] Rapinoe is a female, lesbian, U.S. soccer player

[2] “In the name of science and of man it (Marxism) seeks to transcend the specific divisions of climate, race and creed, of nation-state and language-group, in order to chart a common future for mankind.” —- from the book “The Ethical Foundations of Marxism” by Jewish/Marxist scholar Eugene Kamenka (1928-1994), 1962; from the Preface to the Japanese edition, 1965

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