19 September, 2019


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German officer: “So, then, you weren’t at the big communist gathering in Lodz, eh?? You really want me to believe that you’ve spent 3 days at a liverwurst-appreciation festival in Krakow?? Are you going to stick with that story, or will you invent another one?”

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    1. Antagonistes Says:

      “So, you’re telling me that in about 50 yrs. you will have your own country and that Germany and America will send you millions of $$$ each year??!”

      “And that you people will be able to do whatever you want, like having a whole island for pedophiles, or ruining the economies of nations, and no one will do anything about it??”

      “Herr Jude, that is plainly absurd and deserves no comment!”

    2. Joel Says:


      If you could publish my last 2 comments without the jdn.com link inserted in them, I would appreciate it.

      I do not own or write for that website, I just think it was worth promoting.