1 September, 2019

Jews vs. Leftists

Posted by Socrates in Jewish behavior versus White behavior, Jewish genetics, leftism, leftists, liberal mindset, liberalism, liberals, Socrates at 11:49 am | Permanent Link

When a Jew opens his mouth, lies come out, but he can’t help it, because it’s genetic.

When a leftist opens his mouth, lies come out, but he can help it with enough therapy and re-education (I’ve met former leftists).

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  7. 3 Responses to “Jews vs. Leftists”

    1. William Huntsman Says:

      80% of American “jews” are liberal. There are about 6 million Jews in American. Jews are just disappearing they intermarry at a rate of 45% percent. Incredible.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Maybe they are not disappearing by intermarriage. Maybe people are putting them into their ovens, or making them into soap.

    3. Joel Says:

      At 45%, eh?

      Even the jew doesn’t want daddy’s leftover incestuous ju-ice!


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