25 September, 2019

Marxist, Homosexual Philosopher Michel Foucault is the Most Cited Academic of All Time? Why?

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“Foucault is often considered a forefather of postmodern identity politics and social constructionism.” Well, that explains a lot! Foucault, who, like Pablo Picasso, was a member of the French Communist Party, was an “unorthodox” Marxist (compared to most French Marxists) and was a queer pervert who died of AIDS. Foucault, like most smart-dumb intellectuals, had way too much to think. I can just imagine Foucault saying stupid things like “can one climb a tree upside down, and if so, is such climbing ‘climbing up’ or ‘climbing down’?”; gee, I don’t know, let me think about it; Foucault’s books are best used for kindling in your fireplace, or as doorstops.


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    1. Joel Says:

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    2. Joel Says:

      Sick queers. I wonder if when 2 men get married, one can be considered the wife? Or would that be too sick?

    3. Joel Says:

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    4. Maynard Says:

      This is off topic but does anybody here know the name of the William Pierce broadcast where he talks about why racial stereotypes are true and why we need to use them? As an example, lots of conservatives say they know a “good jew” or a “good black” therefore, you cannot write off the entire race or tribe because some of them are “good”.

    5. BillInLexington Says:

      A couple years ago it was recommended that I read Foucault, so I bought one of his volumes when I was exploring a new bookstore.
      It was, I believe, part of a two-part set. I never bought the other volume.
      The man was so full of himself that I could last only about 30 pages. He never seems to have met a word he could not molest and he can’t simply define a word by what it affirmatively IS, but also by all the things it is not and never could be. Tedious verbiage is NOT the same as intelligent verbiage.