19 September, 2019

More About Green Marxism/Global Warming, in 5 Parts

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“Belief in the dangers of AGW (human-caused global warming) has led to the emergence of the new generalist or interdisciplinary field of “climate science,” cobbled together with the express purpose of manufacturing evidence in favor of AGW. Significant differences exist between this climate science and the natural sciences. Regular scientists rely on objective, empirical methods to test hypotheses, not confirmation bias to uphold a neoliberal globalist status quo. Climate researchers, on the other hand, are heavily invested in filtering data through the lens of a single interpretation; they are trained to ignore all hypotheses, with the exception of AGW, no matter how plausible. In the natural sciences, governments will fund competing theories; in climate science, only AGW receives funding because it is the only politically correct explanation.

[Parts I and II].

[Parts III thru V].

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    1. Joel Says:

      Facts blow Liberal emontion based arguments out of the air [Pardon the pun]

      -Rush Limbaugh

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