17 September, 2019

No Matter Where You Go in This World, White Males Will Oppress and Murder You!

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Yep. Just ask a hippie, a negro, a Jew, a Mexican, a homosexual, or a female! White males: they’re the root of all evil! That’s the conclusion I came to after watching the counterculture movie “Easy Rider” (1969) last night on the TV. In the movie, White rednecks oppress and kill hippie bikers for no good reason. (Wonder how many other people have reached that same conclusion over the past 50 years?). Trivia: a Jew, Bert Schneider, produced and financed Easy Rider, and also created “The Monkees” (America’s sort-of version of The Beatles).

  • 4 Responses to “No Matter Where You Go in This World, White Males Will Oppress and Murder You!”

    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      The anti-White ending of Easy Rider is reversed somewhat in ‘Electra Glide in Blue’ (1973) where a sort of hippie fires a shotgun at the innocent cop riding his Electra Glide.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      I think that the ending of “Easy Rider” was plausible. There are indeed rednecks who are murderous. I was hated by the rednecks I used to work with because I drove a Volkswagen Beetle with a “Save the Seals” sticker on it. Things got worse from there (and that was day one on the job!) and I do indeed think some of them would have loved to have beat me up or to have killed me.

      The problem is this: Murderous rednecks are a very small part of our White population. The overwhelming majority of rednecks are not murderous. But Blacks have murderous niggers amongst them. And they are quite a large part of the Black population. Many Blacks know this about the number of niggers amongst them.

      But the media makes it appear that every other White is a murderous redneck, and every other Black is a wise and gentle person.

    3. BroncoColorado Says:

      Ant, I can appreciate that the sight of an ‘ordinary American’ owing and driving a VW Beetle would send certain types of redneck into a ballistic frenzy.
      The Beetle was reliable and cheap to run, but apart from that it wasn’t much of a car.

    4. Joel Says:

      Wherever you go in Africa Black males will oppress and murder you (especially if you are another color). They don’t need to show any propaganda for that – but they don’t.