14 September, 2019

Speaking of Queers

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A big social/political movement needs to be started, designed to reclaim the word “gay” from the queers and give it back to the normal people.

For decades, the queers have co-opted the word “gay.” The word used to mean “happy and carefree” until a Jewish writer (it’s always a Jew!) named Gertrude Stein stole it circa 1922 [1]. Ever since around 1960, in the Western world, the word has widely meant homosexual — which seems odd since those people are not happy people; they have suicide rates five times above the average.

The word “gay” needs to be reclaimed for normal people. A possible slogan for such a movement: “Always gay but never a fag!”


[1] see Stein’s 1922 story “Miss Furr and Miss Skeene”

  • 2 Responses to “Speaking of Queers”

    1. Joel Says:

      Since at least 1857 the word was used for a prostitute.

      What an un-gay and un-carefree world they live in.


    2. Joel Says:

      “What an un-gay and un-carefree world they live in.”

      The Queers that is.