20 September, 2019

The Lesson of Africa

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The really disappointing aspect to all of this is that it should have been foreseen. The Whites of South Africa voted themselves into their present situation, when they agreed to let Blacks participate in their elections in 1994. They folded up under the pressure of being called bad names by the Jewish media and being told by their preachers that Jesus was angry at them because of apartheid. They were so eager to be in the good graces of Jesus, the Jews, and the international community that they took leave of their senses and handed their government over to Nelson Mandela and his fellow Black terrorists on a silver platter. And they believed the assurances of the media and their bought politicians that everything would work out for the best if they let the Blacks run South Africa.”

“I said that perhaps we can learn from the example of the South Africans. Of course, when I say “we” I don’t mean White Americans as a whole. Since White South Africans as a whole didn’t learn a thing from the example of the Portuguese and the Belgians and the Rhodesians, I don’t expect Americans to do any better. But perhaps some of us can learn a few things. One of those things is that we really need to find a better way than mass democracy for governing ourselves. We’ve been fed a lot egalitarian baloney about people all being pretty much the same, and so we tend to assume that since we can look at facts and make rational decisions, everyone else can. But most people cannot. Most people are not rational and can be manipulated by playing on their fears and desires, the way the majority of South African Whites were manipulated by the media and the churches in their country in 1994. The South Africans didn’t want the sort of situation they have today, but they let themselves be bullied and lied and tricked into it. If only hard-headed and rational South African Whites had been permitted to vote in 1994, South Africa still would be a White-ruled country today: perhaps even an all-White country.”


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  7. 2 Responses to “The Lesson of Africa”

    1. Joel Says:

      I Respectfully disagree with the Good Doctor about this one. Most White South Africans were too uninformed to make the decision.

    2. Zerstorer Says:

      @Joel I agree, I think most of white South African’s had no idea of the complete magnitude and extent of jewish subversion undermining their country.