12 September, 2019

The True Nature of the Jew: Always Bitching About Something

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(“In a room full of people, the first person to complain about anything will be a Jew.” — I overheard that one day. Yep!).

1960: a Jew is born, and immediately it begins whining: “This hospital sucks! Cheap decor! And that doctor is a quack, and so is the nurse! They took way too long getting me out of that womb. Were those instruments sterile?? I’m gonna sue them both! Also, this delivery room is freezing! How much is all this gonna cost me, anyway?? I smell anti-Semitism! They hate Jews!”

2030: the Jew dies, and it’s still complaining even after its death: “This casket is way too expensive! And it’s too small! And it’s metal — Jews can’t have metal caskets! Besides, I wanted to be cremated anyway! What’s with this cheesy funeral music? Is that Beethoven?? It sucks! Don’t you have any klezmer music? How about Bob Dylan? This is all anti-Semitism! It’s hate! I’m gonna sue the funeral home, the city, and the state! It’s all anti-Semitism! Why, why do they hate Jews so much??”

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  7. 2 Responses to “The True Nature of the Jew: Always Bitching About Something”

    1. Wes Says:

      Yes, they complain.

      Contrast this with White behavior.
      Taught never to complain, even under the most crushing circumstances. Endure overwhelming misfortune without even a sigh. ” Be ye long suffering ” and a million permutations of that, taught to Christians for centuries.

    2. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      This is nothing new. When Moses led them out of Egypt, they started acting the same way. The Lord Jesus said that they were not special for being Jews. He said that God can make these very rocks into sons of Abraham, so you Jews get nothing special out of that. You must be born from above.