25 September, 2019

White Philosophy: the Past and the Leftist Mindset

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I have noticed that leftists have no good feelings for the past. Whereas right-wingers feel a fondness and even a longing for “the good old days,” left-wingers would rather forget the past as quickly as possible. For a leftist, it seems, the past is “the bad old days” [1]. I find that odd and troubling given how many leftists inhabit America. History (remembering it) is an important part of being human, after all. And we learn from the past. What do normal friends do when they get together after a 20-year separation? They reminisce about the old days, of course. But what do leftist friends do when they get together after a long separation? They only talk about what’s coming next. It’s almost as if leftists are afraid of the past, afraid of having a foundation or a grounding or a prior framework. A leftist is like a rootless traveler who is always moving from place to place, afraid to look back, worried that he might find a monster (himself, maybe? his mother? his father?) in his past. (Oddly, liberals have no problem obsessing over the past when it comes to “racist” or “homophobic” events which didn’t even directly involve them, and which may have occurred 50 years ago! Liberals still obsess over Pinochet, Rosa Parks, Matthew Shepard and Emmett Till even today; furthermore, though I’m not a psychologist, I think that leftists are mentally unsound; they are damaged in some way, perhaps due to childhood abuse or other trauma).


[1] a liberal once told me that he hated America because “it was racist from the very beginning.” This says a lot about the liberal mind: “White roots” are really “racist roots.” Also, that same liberal rode a bicycle everywhere, instead of driving a car, because cars (and roads? and oil?) are racist, apparently. Like Judaism, liberalism is an anti-White/anti-Western creed bent on forgetting and ultimately destroying all traces of the White past; the liberal “job” won’t be “complete” until all things White are erased from history

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  7. One Response to “White Philosophy: the Past and the Leftist Mindset”

    1. Sigman Fart Says:

      Liberals don’t like the past, and leftists only like the past that other leftists were involved in, which is significantly small. But not smaller than the past contributions the “conservative movement” has made.