29 October, 2019

Germany: Jews Freak Out When Whites Protect White Interests in a White Country

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According to the Jews, it’s perfectly fine for the Jews to think and act racially — in fact, it’s expected. But when Whites do the same thing, the Jews panic and yell “racism.” “Oy, veh! Such hate is coming from the gentiles!” But the Jews are the real haters. In fact, they invented racism over 2,000 years ago [1][2].



[1] newbies, Jews — being genetically Arab/Armenid — are not genetically White, even though they have “white” skin

[2] the Jews were the first people to “officially” claim that they are superior to all other humans; they call themselves “God’s chosen people” (meaning that God “chose” them/has a covenant with them and so, therefore, God prefers them over all other people; this is pure racism)

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    1. Antagonistes Says:

      These chosen turds come into our countries and tell us what we should be doing, according the the word of their bloody storm god on Mt. Sinai?

      We do what they say or their bloody storm god will flush us like turds, into some gehenna toilet? For all eternity?

      Let us flush what needs to be flushed, that which does not enhance and support us—–not only in our personal lives, but in our national lives.

      Let us Man Up. Man Up . . . at long last. At long last.