27 October, 2019

Jazz Hands at Oxford: There Is No End to PC in the Universities

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Quoting a news article: “An official statement from the Student Council at Oxford announced the intention to request that students opt for the British Sign Language “silent jazz hands” instead of loud clapping as it may not be an “inclusive” behavior.”

Ohh, yes, we must be “inclusive” of every single human on earth, no matter how ridiculous that may be! Must we include retarded midgets, too? What about homosexual, retarded midgets? What about dyslexic, homosexual, retarded midgets? What about dyslexic, legally-blind, homosexual, retarded midgets? What about Asian, crippled, dyslexic, legally-blind, homosexual, retarded midgets with Tourette’s Syndrome? Must they be included, too? At any cost, right?? Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism [1]. And there’s no end to it. Literally. Each month there’s a new offense, a new transgression, a new outrage that normal White people have committed against some “other,” i.e., some outsider person (e.g., a Black, Brown, female, homosexual, or disabled person). It’s time for Britain to follow Argentina’s example (circa 1977) and close, yes, close all the universities until the administrators can prove that they have scrubbed them clean of Cultural Marxism and made them safe for normal people again.



[1] “Politically correct” was a popular Soviet term; it refers to “something that is not factually correct, but is nonetheless politically correct”; in other words, it’s a lie

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