31 October, 2019

Jews Monkeying With the Economy, Yet Again

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White man: “What’s that noise? It sounds like a washing machine.”

Jewish money-magician #1: “Close. That’s the economy. We’re cycling it. We do it often.”

Jewish money-magician #2: “Yes. Right now, the economy is in the spin cycle. See? Next we go to the drying cycle, where we take the gentiles’ money without them knowing it. Look over here: we’re doing some quantitative easing while we’re flexing the federal funds rate unilaterally in anticipation of a fourth-quarter slump in capital-gains returns compounded by investment activity from second-quarter hedge fund derivatives from direct-payment, money-market retirement funds and increased, leveraged foreign-investment activity in Asia.”

White man: “Gee, I don’t understand any of that.”

Jewish money-magician #1: “That’s the whole idea.”


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