26 October, 2019

Seen on the Web: WWII History Tours

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America’s “love” for World War II is fascinating, puzzling and depressing. Now, you can go on “tours,” presumably, of famous WWII places, like the beaches of Normandy! Or the white cliffs of Dover! Oh, how romantic! You can almost hear FDR on the radio and bullets whizzing past your skull, as evil Nazis fall to the ear-splitting rhythm of allied machine guns firing democracy-bullets! Is that a tear of nostalgia running down your cheek? No?? You’re not very patriotic.

Consider the facts: WWII was the most deadly war in human history. Tens of millions of innocent White people died. More were wounded/maimed/crippled. Billions of dollars worth of property was destroyed. Europe never recovered from it. Worst of all, WWII was totally unnecessary. The allies were “guaranteeing Poland’s borders” by fighting Hitler? Bullshit. Trivia: at that time (1939), Poland was considered by nearly everyone to be a shitty little country, yet, we’re told that the allies “had to” defend Poland. Total crap. The Jews, like Bernard Baruch and William Bullitt, told America and Britain to defend Poland as a pretext for war. Period. That’s why WWII happened. The only reason why [1].

Newbies, there’s nothing to celebrate about WWII. At all. It wasn’t a “good war.” Only the Jew won WWII.


[1] “Chamberlain, he (Ambassador Joe Kennedy) says, stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war.” — The Forrestal Diaries, 27 December 1945

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    1. Tommy Vercetti Says:

      Millions of non-whites died too!!!, all races had to pay for this stupid useless war.

      Hitler could have told the germans who lived in East Prussia to move to Germany, their booming economy could have accomodated them very well.

      If the british and the french don’t want you to build a stupid train through Poland, You can curse them, called them out, whine, but don’t fucking start a war with Poland.