27 October, 2019

The Sky is Falling! Global Warming Panic by the Media

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In journalism schools, they used to teach “objective journalism” — in other words, they taught the idea that you must report on an event fairly and evenly, favoring no one or no position in your reporting. Fair and balanced.

Consider this: the UK’s Guardian newspaper says this, in print:

“Our reporting on the environment, from our international team, will never be influenced by…political interests and will always be rooted in scientific fact.”

Scientific fact? Sounds good. But wait. Then the paper says this, on the same page, in print:

“…We will bring you the world’s leading voices on the climate crisis, and we will cover issues across food, travel and lifestyle in order to help readers live sustainably. We will undertake investigations into the economic and political structures that underpin the carbon economy, and examine the role the climate crisis plays in many other critical issues – including inequality, migration and the battle over scarce resources.” The paper also uses scare words like “emergency” and “catastrophe” to describe the climate “crisis”.

A climate “crisis”? Who says it’s a “crisis”? [1]. Many great scientists don’t believe that there’s any crisis and they have science on their side. The earth has warmed about 1 degree in the past 150 years — that’s not a crisis in any way, shape or form. Furthermore, “the world’s leading voices” on the so-called “climate crisis” are, to a man, anti-science liberal extremists [2]. The Guardian will either report with, or without, the insertion of left-wing ecopolitics into its reporting. Either it will “never be influenced by political interests” or it will by default, by using the liberal so-called climate experts as sources of authority on the weather. Which will it be? It can’t be both.



[1] Remember the media-driven “energy crisis” of 1973/1974? The media mentioned it daily. “The world’s oil supply will vanish soon!” But the crisis itself suddenly vanished (virtually overnight), never to be heard about again.

[2] The “global warming” crowd is made up of two types:
Type 1: people who know that “global warming theory” is bullshit but push it anyway for political/anti-White reasons; Type 2: people who really believe that mankind will vanish in 30 years due to “climate change”

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