7 October, 2019

Thinking About the Vietnam War and Walt Rostow

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(Above: the Jewish neocon Walt Rostow [1916-2003]).

Who created the Vietnam War? Probably Walt Rostow more than anyone else. He was President Kennedy’s friend and national security advisor, and he was a Jewish neoconservative before anyone knew what a Jewish neoconservative was. He convinced President Kennedy to begin an anti-communist crusade in Southeast Asia (beginning in Laos in 1961) and, to a lesser extent, in Latin America [1]. The Rostow thesis was basically this: “The U.S. could save the entire world from communism as long as the third world strictly followed and obeyed the economic/political ideas of the U.S. and as long as America could ‘nurture’ and ‘grow’ the third world by feeding it capitalism and anti-communism via a huge, steady supply of U.S. aid, including lots of money.” (More tikkun olam, in other words). Put another way, the Rostow thesis was: “if the Soviet Union was going to be the world’s communist mothership, then the U.S. was going to be the world’s anti-communist, freedom mothership.” Of course, that’s not what happened. America lost the Vietnam War to the communists in 1975, and Nicaragua went communist in 1979. Furthermore, the U.S. could have easily ended communism in Cuba if it had really wanted to. Ironically, the Rostow thesis might have worked, if America had been much more ruthless and aggressive. If America had bombed the living shit out of Vietnam, Cuba and Nicaragua, I mean via 24/7 aerial “carpet-bombing,” it might have worked. Maybe. Possibly. Old saying: “never fight a war half-assed.”


[1] “The Eisenhower Doctrine was focused upon providing both military and economic assistance to nations resisting communism in the Middle East, and by increasing the flow of trade from the US into Latin America. The Kennedy Doctrine was based on these same objectives, but was more concerned with the spread of communism and Soviet influence in Latin America following the Cuban revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power under Eisenhower.” — Wikipedia

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    1. Joel Says:

      jEws are yuppies and whimps and CUNTS that give advise on how to fight wars without actually fighting them themselves.

    2. Joel Says:

      Or I should say fighting in them themselves.

    3. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      Anti War patriot Douglas MacArthur like George Patton had to be destroyed the SOB’s. Ike AKA Brutus did a green job of shutting all the hound out to get the treason bastards connected with Dec. 7, 1941. When you give dates the enemy aliens have to look it up.

      MacArthur stated in farewell address to congress the very goal of war is a swift victory not prolonged indecision etc. close to that.