30 October, 2019

Time to Water the Tree of Liberty

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Now, the Canadian thought police are not as obvious about their mission as Ray Bradbury’s thought police in Fahrenheit 451 were, but their mission is, in fact, exactly the same. I’ll tell you about a recent run-in I had with the Canadian thought police. The sponsor of this broadcast, National Vanguard Books, is in the business of publishing and selling books, among other things. We sell books to people all over the world, including people in Canada. But whenever a Canadian orders a book from us we have to sneak it into Canada, so the thought police won’t grab it at the border. Sometimes we are successful, and sometimes we aren’t.

A couple of years ago the problem wasn’t so bad, and the thought police mostly seized copies of my novels: novels which make some people uncomfortable. But children’s books and history books and scientific books usually got through. But their list of banned books — books the Jewish minority in Canada don’t want the Canadian people to read — has been growing. Now the thought police will seize almost any book which has anything in it that might be considered Politically Incorrect.”


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