5 November, 2019

FBI Investigates Un-PC Flyers at Western Connecticut State University. Why?

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“One flyer read “It’s OK to be white” and the other read “Islam is right about women…University officials immediately reported the flyers to Danbury and state police and referred the messages to the FBI office in New Haven, all of whom were investigating who made the flyers on Friday…”

Okay. Which of those flyers are illegal? Any lawyers out there? Which of the flyers will send you to jail? Speech is only illegal if it incites or encourages violence. They’re treating this incident like an actual crime. Here’s hoping that the guy who left the flyers (if he is “caught” and “punished” for his “crime”) finds a good pro bono attorney and files many, many lawsuits.


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  7. One Response to “FBI Investigates Un-PC Flyers at Western Connecticut State University. Why?”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Its not Ok to b White anymore.
      Just ask any negro beaner gook or self hating
      Guilty White Liberal.
      Just putting up the affirmation that it IS OK

      Triggers our Enemies and calls for the Corrupt useless
      ( except at entrapment) Federal Bungling Idiots
      To come and “investigate”.

      Hows it feel to be the new “indians”?
      Scheduled for persecution

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