26 November, 2019

Impeachment of Trump Fails, But Jews Are Still Trying

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Queen Pelosi: “The kingdom is in serious trouble! Where is my gallant knight? Sir Adam, where are you??? Fetch Sir Adam at once!”

Gallant Knight Sir Adam Schiff: “Here I am, my queen! What is the trouble, your majesty??”

Queen Pelosi: “Oh, Sir Adam! Thank Heavens you have arrived! The kingdom is in terrible danger!”

Gallant Knight Sir Adam Schiff: “Oh?? How may I help, my queen?”

Queen Pelosi: “An orange-haired dragon is terrorizing the kingdom! You must save us from the horrible menace!”

Gallant Knight Sir Adam Schiff: “I will, my queen, at once! Fear not! I will ride forth and confront the beastly danger! The orange-haired dragon is no match for Sir Adam Schiff, Knight of the Jew Table!”

Queen Pelosi: “Jew Table?? I thought it was the Round Table!”

Gallant Knight Sir Adam Schiff: “Not anymore!”


Queen Pelosi: “Gallant knight! You have returned from your journey much sooner than expected! Did you succeed in saving the kingdom from the orange-haired dragon??”

Gallant Knight Sir Adam Schiff: “Well, uhhhmmmm…not exactly, my queen. The orange-haired dragon is a formidable foe. But, fear not, my queen! I have enlisted help! Sir Jerrold Nadler, fellow Knight of the Jew Table, will help me save the kingdom from the orange-haired dragon!”


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  7. One Response to “Impeachment of Trump Fails, But Jews Are Still Trying”

    1. Luke Says:

      Here is a very interesting video that I highly recommend:


      Jew Coup: Seditious Jews Orchestrating Trump Impeachment Lynching

      BTW: It is about a hour long, and I watched it up to near the very end and when the show host brought up the current indictment of Netanyahu and started gushing forth with what I thought was a sympathetic view of the mess that evil rat now finds himself in, even going so far as to suggest that it might be possible that the jews in Israel are unjustly charging him with crimes that he is totally innocent of, I had to bail out.

      Netanyahu is an evil, criminal, conniving, false flag sponsoring, war mongering slab of human excrement and I would guarantee that he had a role in the 9-11 false flag event. The guy deserves to be convicted and then executed as a war criminal and a sponsor of terrorism.