7 November, 2019

Kansas City: Voters Reject “The Doctor of Trouble”

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(Above: “Dr.” Martin Luther King, Jr. in jail — as usual. King stole roughly half of the material in his doctoral thesis, but nonetheless, his Ph.D. in Theology from Boston University has never been revoked. Why not? [1]).

Citizen #1: “So, the people of Kansas City didn’t want a street named after a Black, Marxist pseudo-reverend who instigated riots, plagiarized his doctorate, and slept with White prostitutes.”

Citizen #2: “Yeah, I know! There’s so much racism in Kansas City!”

Citizen #3: “Those rotten White people! MLK was like Jesus for colored folks!”



[1] Further reading: “King’s Doctorate Upheld Despite Plagiarisms” by Larry Gordon, Los Angeles Times, Oct. 11, 1991

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