3 November, 2019

Open Thread

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Post whatever you want…

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  7. 15 Responses to “Open Thread”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      I recently read the book of Psalms and the book of Proverbs in the Bible.

      The book of Psalms seems to be mostly egocentric boasting about how God made the author great. Sometimes the author praises God because God makes him rich and a great warrior. I don’t see anything wrong in that.

      The book of Proverbs is mostly warning about adultery and urging people not to cheat each other. Those must have been big problems back then—cheating on your wife and gyping people. The proverbs also urge people to get wisdom, but it does not tell exactly how, except to say that it begins with the fear of God. It does not say what happens after that.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Have any of you ever done any research on those people whose lives were ruined by Herbert W Armstrong? There is a website, called “The Painful Truth.”

      It turns out that God’s True Endtime Apostle and Prophet was not what he seemed.

      But it all worked out—-Armstrong needed the suckers, and the suckers needed an authority figure. They attracted each other. That seems to be the way it works.

      Armstrong could have written some of the Psalms, about how God had exalted and blessed him. The other people, that he was exalted above? Sheep! Sheep needing a Shepherd.

      Armstrong said that he would rule in the World Tomorrow directly under King David.

      Armstrong’s son, Garner Ted, bonked about two hundred Ambassador College co-eds while he was the Assistant True Apostle and Endtime Prophet.

    3. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Mr. A, we just used to laugh at these people. That smart-aleck Garner Ted made me angry.

    4. Joel Says:


      -Donald Trump speaks like a White Nationalist.

    5. Joel Says:


      -No cure for AIDS yet.

    6. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      I used to look at “the Plain Truth” magazine.

      “Prepare NOW to be a KING in the World Tomorrow!” “The 7 Laws of Radiant Health!” “The 7 Laws of Success!” “END Your Financial Worries!”

      This man gave true Christians a bad name.

    7. Joel Says:

      Your forum is back up, hooray!

      I guess your police handlers thought it time to further investigate those that won’t retaliate against the state even if you intimidate and corrupt.

    8. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfKi7SGtY2k Dr. Ron Paul this morning.

      Yes, the elections will not help

    9. Joel Says:

      Why do Blacks vote Democrat so much?

      Because they are stupid, superstition parasitic niggers!


    10. Joel Says:

      You Stupid Worthless Fucking Niggers Will Fuck Anything!


    11. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      The Wise Ones have said: “ALL THINGS continually change. The highest mountain must be brought down; the strongest beam must eventually break.”

      So if you think that some people are at the bottom, and are corrupt, you must have a good look at yourself, and those related to you, your own people.

      Illusion is stealthier than the leopard, stealthier than smoke. It can sneak up on a person or a people, and before they are even aware of it, it has their throat in a death-grip!

      I tell you the truth: Even one of the gods in Nirvana can fall so far as to become despised by those he once ruled!

      Even a bodhisatva on the threshold of Nirvana can become entangled in illusion, the illusion that he tried to rescue others from!

      Beware of pride.

    12. The Red Skull Says:

      Glad to see this page back!
      It disappeared for awhile.

    13. The Red Skull Says:

      Colorado has an openly homo “governor” now .
      Jared Polesmoker Polis is a Communist Faggot
      And Jew too.
      So he gets to check off several liberal feel good boxes.

      Never thought it would happen here but its proof nowhere is safe.
      First thing his royal fagness tried to do is kill the highly profitable
      And good middle class job providing Gas and oil industry here.
      The mostly DemonRat dominated house and senate here rubber
      Stamped the effort because of
      Wait for it
      “Global warming “.
      Creating a “setback ” law that prohibits drilling 2500 feet from any road or
      Neighborhood. Weld County in north eastern Colorado is bigger than
      Delaware and Rhode Island put together and provides 32 Billion thats
      With a B! In taxes and revenue to the state of Colorado. Figures the first
      Thing the fucking Commies would want to do is strangle it to pursue their
      Deluded objectives.
      There was even a recall effort to rid us of the Commie Jew Fag but sadly
      It fell short.
      In the meantime the Commie Jew house and senate work overtime passing
      Laws to strangle tax and fuckover the white working class. Sadly Denver is
      Starting to go the way of other Liberal Commie run cities around the Cunt
      No needles and shit everywhere yet. But lots of Homeless now and all the beaners
      Get shit for free just ask . if you’re a Gringo and citizen your shit outta luck though.

    14. The Red Skull Says:

      Meant to add that Weld County is the Texas of Colorado.
      Over 90% of the oil and gas comes out of Weld.
      Figures the stupid Commies get their knives and overbearing
      Strangling laws out for the States Golden goose.
      And all the tax money from weed isnt really accounted for!
      Imagine that!
      They still want more money from the taxpayers to pay for “schools”
      ie : commie indoctrination centers and fix the fucking roads .
      Which taxes from all the legal weed was supposed to pay for!

      They rape
      Rob and steal the People Jew blind!

    15. Antagonistes Says:

      Jill, Garner Ted Armstrong is going to BE A KING in The World Tomorrow! He will probably serve directly under his father, Herbert who in turn will serve directly under King David.

      In The World Tomorrow, Jesus will rule everyone with “a rod of iron.”

      Garner Ted will rule his subjects with a penis of iron, for all eternity!