17 November, 2019

Speaking of China, When Are the Arrests of the Happy China-Helpers Going to Happen?

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Regarding China, when are the Americans who (daily) aid-and-abet this mass-murdering communist country going to be arrested by the U.S. Justice Department? Specifically, why is China allowed to have their state-owned companies listed on the American stock market? Why are U.S. stock market owners/managers helping China? Hmmmm? What’s next? U.S. defense contracts for Chinese companies? Will China soon be making our missiles and airplanes, too? Hmmmm? Probably.


“But there is an issue more critical than trade that Americans, by and large, do not know about: China has over 700 companies in our stock and bond markets or capital markets. It has about 86 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, about 62 in the NASDAQ, and over 500 in the murky, poorly regulated over-the-counter market.”


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