10 November, 2019

The Left’s Obsession with Human Equality is Remarkable

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Quoting a newspaper article: “Income inequality in the United States would fall drastically if people were compensated based only on their ability.”

Nope. The opposite is true. If people in America were paid only based on their ability, most Black and Brown people wouldn’t even be hired, let alone be paid more! It’s only because of federal Affirmative Action laws that Blacks and Browns are hired.

Cultural Marxism is driven by an obsession with human equality, just as regular Marxism was driven by an obsession with human equality (as officially claimed, anyway). They’re both nearly the same thing, only regular Marxism is economics-based. Both desire to murder the West, only by different methods. Both are based on lying and deceit — the truth will kill both types of Marxism.


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