30 November, 2019

The UK Lies to the Citizens About Queers (Just Like the U.S. Does)

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Well, well. It seems that Manchester, England now has a “gay village,” complete with street signs announcing that fun fact for all the children to see. But wait! We normal people are always told that “a person’s sexual preference doesn’t matter, because we’re all people, we’re really all the same under the skin.” Oh, really? If we’re all the same under the skin, then why bother to have, and announce, a “gay village”? Hmmmmm? The truth is, “gay” people are very different, in their mental features, from normal people. Ask any big-city cop. And by the way, the correct word isn’t “gay.” It’s “homosexual.” “Gay” means happy — or, it did mean happy until the Jewish lesbian, Gertrude Stein, deliberately altered the meaning of the word in a short story called “Miss Furr and Miss Skeene” written in 1922.


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