21 December, 2019

A Jewish Homosexual Icon is Getting His Own Navy Ship — of Course!

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Today, any jerk can have a U.S. Navy ship named after him — as long as the jerk isn’t a conservative! And to think, Harvey Milk has already been on a U.S. postage stamp. I guess that wasn’t enough faggotry-promotion for the government, so it needed to do even more queer cheerleading. Milk allegedly had a sexual relationship with a teenage boy. Coming next: the USS Ted Bundy and the USS Jeffrey Dahmer. Wait a second…is this new ship a…cruiser?? I’ll bet it’s a cruiser! Yep! Full speed ahead! Ram, ram, ram those torpedoes deeeep into the launching tunnels of the USNS Harvey Milk! Oh, yeahhhh! Ram them in! Deeper! [Article].

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