27 December, 2019

America’s Politicians Are Committing White Genocide (i.e., The Eurocide)

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Both “conservative” and liberal governors support using the American states as dumping grounds for the world’s non-White “refugees.” Why must America take many thousands of “refugees”? Notice how there are no “refugees” from White countries (surely there must be political refugees in Serbia and Ukraine). Why doesn’t Mexico or Russia or China take the non-White refugees? (Because they’re not entirely stupid, that’s why!). The “refugees” will breed and before you know it, America will be filled with 82 different non-White ethnicities — instead of the 47 it has now [1]. America’s leaders are complete assholes.



[1] a news quote from Oct. 2016: “They come from Somalia and Myanmar, the Congo and Bhutan and Vietnam – and they all end up in Arizona. More than 15,400 refugees from 42 different countries were resettled in Arizona from fiscal 2012 through the just-ended fiscal 2016, according to the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center”

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    1. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      This is very relevant, very sharp to the point.