21 December, 2019

C-C-C-Changes and the Liberal Mind

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Normal (repeat, normal) human beings are creatures of habit. They don’t like change. They like certain things every day: coffee, toast, the morning newspaper, etc. They need routine. They don’t want to suddenly start wearing yellow shoes, or move to another neighborhood, or whatever. They see change as a bad thing.

Liberals, however, are the opposite. They need change. They crave it. They hate tradition and routine and constancy. Liberals are, from birth, unhappy people. They don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. They don’t like staying in one spot, mentally speaking. So they must change, change, change in the hopes that the next change will finally make them happy, but it never does. The liberals remain unhappy throughout their lives. Nothing will satisfy them or bring them peace of mind. They’re mentally ill without knowing it. (That’s also why so many liberals use drugs, or support non-White immigration).

Singer David Bowie was a liberal, who, I’ll admit, had a lot of talent, but he tried to re-invent himself every year, which left his fans very confused. “Who is he?” the fans asked. “What is his message?” they asked. No one knew since he changed so often.

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