16 December, 2019

Cultural Marxism Meets Traditional Hand Gestures, or, the Ongoing Quest to Libel/Slander White People

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Cultural Marxism is everywhere in America. It’s a sickness. But nonetheless, it’s a popular sickness, and it has all sorts of crazy theories. Here is one such theory.

According to the Jewish-led “anti-racism” organizations, the traditional “OK” hand gesture is “racist” because it stands for “White power.” Allegedly, the gesture was used by White cadets during the latest Army/Navy football game. According to the Jews, the hand gesture means “White power” if it is given upside-down. But that’s total baloney. I’ve seen people use it in various positions to signal “OK” — sideways, upside-down, making pumping motions with the hand while doing it, etc. The very idea that there’s only one way to give a hand gesture, for Christ’s sake! (If the “OK” hand gesture stands for White power, why is Oprah Winfrey using it Here?).

[Article] (Strangely, this news article does not specifically mention the “OK gesture,” only a hand gesture).

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