18 December, 2019

Hugh Hefner and Jewishness

Posted by Socrates in Hugh Hefner, Jewish genetics, Jewish surnames, Jews as corrupting morality in White nations, jews in America, Jews-posing-as-White-people, Socrates at 11:06 am | Permanent Link

One day, I talked to a White nationalist about Hugh Hefner. I said that Hefner wasn’t Jewish. He said, “how do you know he’s not Jewish?” I said “well, at least, he isn’t listed as being Jewish.” He said, “how do you know that his family didn’t convert to Christianity back in 1870?” That’s a good point. Many Jews converted, and name-changed, back in the old days of “rampant anti-Semitism.” If Hugh Hefner wasn’t a Jew, he certainly did the Jews’ work. [Article].

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