17 December, 2019

Hundreds of Historians, Professors and Others Sign Anti-Trump Letter Urging Impeachment

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Impeachment? For what? Talking to a guy on the phone? Gee, sounds serious!And, why impeach Israel’s best friend? The Jews hate Trump so much that they can’t see that he’s the Hate State’s biggest cheerleader, i.e., he’s done more for Israel in 3 years than any other president has ever done.

Anyhow, a quick glance at this list of “professionals” who signed the anti-Trump letter reveals a disproportionate number of Jews (I quickly counted 144 “obviously Jewish surnames” and there are even more Jews on the list than that, I’m sure, since some Jews don’t have “Jewish-sounding surnames”; a good guess would be 200 Jews are on the list, at this point at least).

[Here] and [Here].

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