29 December, 2019

Italian Mob Rackets vs. Jewish Rackets

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(Did you know that, in 1915, organized crime in America was largely Jewish? It was later over-taken by the Italian mafia, since the Italians outnumbered the Jews by a good percentage).


— Italian mob racketeering includes: various gambling operations, various types of insurance fraud, various types of theft, extortion, etc.

— Jewish racketeering includes: personal-injury lawsuits, class-action lawsuits, “civil-rights” lawsuits, “fighting hate/racism,” “buying” politicians with Zionist political leverage and threats, creating wars for Israel’s benefit, getting White tax dollars for Jewish causes [1].

The big difference between the two: the Jewish racketeering is 100% legal.


[1] “Law is something of a Jewish calling, in a sense, the house specialty.” —- from the book “Jews and Money: The Myths and the Reality” (New Haven/New York; Ticknor and Fields, 1982) by Jewish author Gerald Krefetz (1932-2006)

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  7. One Response to “Italian Mob Rackets vs. Jewish Rackets”

    1. Ken Hallowell Says:

      As long as Whites refuse to take up arms,
      crime like this will only continue.

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