24 December, 2019

Jewish Superiority: It’s Real in Their Minds, But It’s Never Called Racism. Why Not?

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If a White man says that he’s superior to other people, it’s called “racism” or “Nazism.” The Jews (especially Orthodox Jews) really believe that they’re superior to non-Jews. But somehow, such bigotry is never called “racism.” In fact, Israel is, by default, a racist state with racist policies. Why are American tax dollars funding a racist state? Hmmmm?

Here, a Jewish mobster named Herbie Gross — who was connected with NYC’s Lucchese mafia family — underscores historic Jewish racism, i.e., their old idea of the Jews being “the chosen people of God” and therefore superior to other humans [1]. Of course, most Jews lie and deny that they’re bigots (ask 100 Jews and 99 of them will deny that they feel “chosen”; indeed, one rabbi, whose book I read years ago, said that Jews don’t think they’re chosen, but instead, they believe they are “choosing” people, i.e., they are “selective.” Not chosen, but “choosing”! A very bold and arrogant lie! If you pay attention, you can hear or find examples of Jews bragging that they are superior to all non-Jews).

Quoting Gross (who died in 1987):

“I’ve told you many times that the thing probably of which I’m most proud is that I was born not just a Jew, but a high priest. While there were times when I lost sight of it, that’s when I was sucked in, eventually I saw there was no greater thing that I could claim for myself, than the fact that I was a high priest.” (Gross also says “My uncle was Moses”).

[Article] and [Article].


[1] Quoting Jewish author Israel Shahak: “Let us begin with the text of some common prayers. In one of the first sections of the daily morning payer, every devout Jew blesses God for not making him a Gentile” [Here]

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