15 December, 2019

Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees, or, Green Marxism’s Fools

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News quote: “(Greta) Thunberg traveled to Turin in an electric car after attending the COP25 climate conference in Madrid, where she had given a speech accusing world governments of “creative PR” over their climate change stances.”[1].

“Fossil fuels are the most common source of electrical energy in Italy, accounting for 72.7% of the total production in 2012.” — Wikipedia. So, in order to charge the battery for the “green” car, Italy burned coal (or possibly natural gas) to make the electricity to charge it! Those are “evil fossil fuels,” ha-ha-ha. Even if you use a still-rare “DC fast-charging” station, there is still some AC electricity involved there. You absolutely cannot escape electricity and the fossil fuels used to create it.


[1] Thunberg is Time magazine’s “Person of the Year”

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