6 December, 2019

Pinochet “Helicopter Ride” T-Shirts Removed from Amazon, Yet, Che Guevara T-Shirts are Sold Everywhere Online, Including on Amazon

Posted by Socrates in censorship, Che Guevara, Chile, communism, Marxism, mass murder, Pinochet, Socrates, William Pierce at 2:26 pm | Permanent Link

Oh, this is funny! Apparently, the ubiquitous image of Che Guevara (a communist and mass murderer) doesn’t offend anyone! (Go to any college campus and you’ll see 15 Che t-shirts being worn by semi-retarded college girls of both sexes. Hat tip: Dr. William Pierce). Here’s one Che t-shirt for sale on Amazon on Dec. 6, 2019. By the way, Pinochet was forced to overthrow Allende in 1973. The Chilean economy was being destroyed by Allende. In other words, Pinochet saved Chile.


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