20 December, 2019

Probably the Last Words of a White Female Kwallege Stoodent in the Big Bagel, NYC

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“I need some weed, because I’m a bored, 18-year-old liberal idiot trying desperately to be cool and hip. I’m going to take a walk here in the Big Bagel NYC and look for some weed! (*skipping*) Tra-la-la…la-la-la (*skipping*)…look, there are some sweet, innocent Afreaking AmeriKwan gentlemen standing over there. They might have some weed! Hmmmmmm, how odd, this Afreaking AmeriKwan gentleman is holding a knife! Dude, like, this is sooooo shocking to me! Because every Afreaking AmeriKwan gentleman that I see on the TV is a kind, sweet, gentle, smart, wonderful human being! I don’t understand it…I…just…I…uuuurrrrkkkk!” [Article].

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