19 December, 2019

Pure Insanity Has Arrived in America, or, When Men Menstruate

Posted by Socrates in "gender theory", "gender", 'sex-change', 'transgender', ACLU, homosexual themes, jewed law, jewed politics, male menstruation, Socrates, Western civilization, Western culture, Western decline at 3:41 pm | Permanent Link

News quote: “The left-leaning legal group argued that it wasn’t a “full or accurate portrayal” to say that women are the only ones who “menstruate, get pregnant, or breast feed [sic].”

What?? Since men don’t have uteruses, male menstruation is physically impossible. Menstrual blood is “blood from inside the uterus.”

The ACLU can be described as “largely Jewish-built” based on its history, especially its recent history (e.g., it being “remodeled” and led by Ira Glasser from 1978-onward; indeed, for that reason, some people on the political Right have referred to the ACLU as “The ACLJew”; furthermore, the ACLU is currently led by a Jew, Susan Herman).


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