2 December, 2019

The Jews are Paranoid About Trump and Putin (In Fact, the anti-Russia Movement in America is Jewish-Led)

Posted by Socrates in 'anti-Semitism', 'White supremacist', 'White supremacy' accusations, Jewish paranoia, nationalism, Putin, Russia, Russophobia, Socrates, Trump, Trumpphobia at 11:16 am | Permanent Link

Former presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush were predictable. But according to the Jews, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are unpredictable “nationalists” who could one day “use anti-Semitism” for political gain, and allegedly, both have lots of supporters and underlings who are “anti-Semitic.” Hence the Jewish paranoia about both leaders (even though Trump has been very kind and helpful to Israel and Putin has never done anything “anti-Semitic” — except maybe selling missiles to Israel’s enemy Syria, oy veh!). Regardless, that Jewish attitude isn’t surprising because, as a race, the Jews are extremely paranoid. They see anti-Semitism, or potential anti-Semitism, behind every tree.


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  7. One Response to “The Jews are Paranoid About Trump and Putin (In Fact, the anti-Russia Movement in America is Jewish-Led)”

    1. Steiner Says:

      If Russia has 1/8 the economy of the Kwan then why do they want back in so badly?
      Just read an article about Moscow police smashing lil’ Georgie Sorrow’s goons and breaking up their safe space.
      WWIII will be a glorious Spicy Time and the Kwan has no chance.

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